Mark Attendance in Blackboard Learn

Much like the ever-elusive Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, the ability to keep track of attendance in Blackboard was a quarry that had been long hunted.  For years, Blackboard instructors have desired the ability to keep track of attendance in an official way via the tool where they spend most of their time.

Thanks to our update to the Q2 2018 release of Blackboard Learn, we now have the ability to Mark Attendance in Blackboard Learn.

The Attendance tool can be accessed via the Course Tools menu in any of your Blackboard courses.  View this Blackboard how-to for accessing the Attendance page.

The Attendance page has two views:

  • Meeting View – This is where you mark the students’ attendance.
  • Overall View – Allows you to mart attendance, track attendance history/statistics and create new meetings.

Check out this tour of the Attendance page for more information.

Grade Center Access

You can view attendance in the Grade Center though you can’t mark attendance. Students’ accumulative attendance scores always appear out of 100 points.

Once you use the Attendance tool, you can’t delete the Attendance column, but you can hide it from your view.

Now that we have captured this elusive prey, let us know if you have any questions about the tool and how it is used.


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