SHSU Online Faculty Development Update – July 2017

July always seems like it should be a slow month.  It is smack dab in the middle of the summer and the heat alone makes you want to take a breath and find some shade.  July 2017 however, is jam-packed with opportunities and information that can benefit any Blackboard instructor at Sam Houston State University.

In this update we will cover some important topics:

  • July’s Faculty Development Opportunities
  • Preview and Download Ready-Made Rubrics

Faculty Development Opportunities

SHSU Online is pleased to offer faculty development opportunities for the month of July 2107

Date Session Title Delivery Method Time/Location
Open Building Online Communities*   | Description | Blackboard Course Self-Paced – Online
Open Multimedia in Blackboard Courses*  | Description | Blackboard Course Self-Paced – Online

*Gain certification upon course completion.

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by_appointmentFaculty Development by Appointment

These sessions can be 5 minutes to an hour and can take place in your office, ours, over the phone and online.  Use the same link to sign up for face-to-face or one-on-one sessions. Just select a topic or come up with one of your own and we’ll do it!

Visit the SHSU Online Faculty Development How-to Session page and schedule a one-on-one with a member of the Instructional Technology Support Services team.

Preview and Download Ready-Made Rubrics

SHSU Online has given Blackboard faculty the ability to preview and download ready-made rubrics for your Blackboard courses.  Benefits to using Rubrics in your Blackboard course include:

  • Rubrics clear up grading ambiguity for students,
  • Rubrics make grading easier and more consistent,
  • Rubrics lets students know what they need in order to succeed.

This full blog post provides more detail into each of the benefits listed above, but in addition to the post, we have now created a showcase of Rubrics for you to preview and download for direct import into your Blackboard course(s). Numerous pre-built rubrics are now available for you to use ‘as-is’ or edit to fit your needs!

The Rubric showcase includes rubrics for…

  • Rubric Examples ImageBlog posts
  • Discussions
  • Wikis
  • Reflective Writing Assignments
  • Research Papers
  • Portfolio Assignments

We will continue to add additional Rubrics to the repository. If there is a specific type of Rubric you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to let us know! To find this new resource and to download the ready-made rubrics for import into your Blackboard courses, visit the Faculty Central tab in Blackboard and Select Bb Resources.

Faculty Development Course Descriptions

Course ScreenshotMultimedia In Blackboard Courses
This recent addition to our certification lineup offers attendees the chance to learn how to employ the multimedia tools that Blackboard has in its tool belt.

This course provides the Blackboard instructor with the knowledge and skills in both the acquisition and implementation of multimedia for online/face-to-face and hybrid courses.  Technologies and best practices are examined in the context of student engagement and success.

Topics covered include:

  • Images in Blackboard courses
  • YouTubevideos in Blackboard courses
  • NBC Learn media in Blackboard courses
  • Video/Audio/Screen Capture with KalturaCaptureSpace Lite
  • Interactive Video Quizzing with Kaltura
  • Best Practices in implementing multimedia in Blackboard Courses

Successful completion of this course awards the Multimedia Master certification.

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Building Online Community GraphicBuilding Online Communities
Communication and collaboration are key facets to this online certification course. In this course, we will further explore some of the communication and collaboration tools Blackboard Learn has to offer.  You will have ample opportunity to communicate, gain feedback and share ideas with your colleagues’ using of the tools.

This online course covers:

  • Onlinecommunities and the Instructor’s Role
  • Best Practice and Learning Theory Around Discussion Questions
  • The Use of Journals & Blogs
  • The Use of Wikis
  • Groups in Blackboard Courses
  • Grading in the collaborative space

Successful completion of this course awards the Online Community Organizer certification.

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