Increase the value of video in your Blackboard course with Kaltura’s interactive video quizzes.

We can all think of examples of how adding video to your Blackboard course can help improve learning outcomes.  For example, including video can:

  • Make the content and the learning experience more engaging.
  • Make education more flexible and personalized.
  • Help the students and faculty be more collaborative.

We also know that connecting this multimedia content to an activity can help the students cement what they are learning by applying it in an assessment or thinking critically about it with a reflection.

The drawback comes when you want to have students keep track of key concepts demonstrated in the video but you also want to finish getting the point or points across in the video content.  You have been forced to either:

  • have the student pause the video and leave the page they are viewing to go complete an activity
  • or shorten your video content so much that the overall message gets disjointed.

If either of these drawbacks has frustrated you in the past, then do we have some news for you!  Kaltura now as the ability to add interactive video quizzes to your videos.


Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzing seamlessly embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a video.  With this tool, you can easily add your own questions through a user-friendly interface.  The questions are attached to the video and “travel” with it wherever it is embedded.

As students watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points; the video continues after each question is answered.

Kaltura even provides Video Quiz Analytics.  The analytics page provides:

  1. Average Score of quiz takers
  2. Report by Quiz Questions
  3. Report by Quiz Users


Are you interested in learning more about Video Quizzing in Kaltura?  Why not sign up for our completely online Multimedia in Blackboard Courses course which covers Kaltura, YouTube, NBC Learn, inserting images in your course and more!


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