SHSU Online is thankful that we can offer a number of faculty development opportunities via different avenues for November and December of 2016.

Online Self-Paced


Face-to Face

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  • Building Online Communities
  • Multimedia in Blackboard Courses
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Blackboard Learn Achievements
  • Copying Bb Courses/Content
  • 1st Week Strategies
  • Blackboard & More – By Request
  • ProctorFree – Remote Proctoring
  • Kaltura – Video/Audio/Screen Capture

Faculty Development Schedule

Date Session Title Delivery Method Time/Location
Nov 1 Building Online Communities Blackboard Course Self-Paced – Online
Nov 1 Multimedia in Blackboard Courses Blackboard Course Self-Paced – Online
Nov 1 Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Webinar 1pm – Online
Nov 7 ProctorFree – Remote Proctoring Face-to-Face 1pm – MURFF 105
Nov 8 Blackboard & More By Request Face-to-Face 5pm – TWC 210
Nov 9 Achievements – Badges  in Blackboard Webinar 12pm – Online
Nov 14 Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Webinar 1pm – Online
Nov 15 Kaltura: Audio/Video/Screen Capture Face-to-Face 12pm – MURFF 105
Nov 29 Blackboard & More By Request Face-to-Face 5pm – TWC 210
Nov 30 Copying Blackboard Courses/Content Webinar 1pm – Online
Dec 1 Blackboard Learn: 1st Week Strategies Webinar 12pm – Online

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Faculty Development by Appointment

by_appointmentThese sessions can be 5 minutes to an hour and can take place in your office, ours, over the phone and online.  Use the same link to sign up for face-to-face or one-on-one sessions. Just select a topic or come up with one of your own and we’ll do it!

Visit the SHSU Online Faculty Development How-to Session page and schedule a one-on-one with a member of the Instructional Technology Support Services team.

Cut down on student stress by layering academic and mechanical instructions throughout your course.


With students, everything revolves around context. They are becoming used to getting contextual information about the restaurant where they are eating, the traffic they are driving in, and the television shows they are watching. That is why it is important to not just put instructions in your course syllabus. They need to placed at the unit and assignment level as well.


A big key here is not just revealing the academic instructions that tell the students the requirements of a particular assignment or activity, but the mechanical instructions that tell the students how to use the particular tool to complete the assignment or activity. Relying on the fact that your students may be “digital natives” is just not a good strategy when it comes to them figuring out how to maneuver in your Blackboard Course.  If your students are completing an activity using one of the learning management system’s tools, why not give them a reminder on where to click to begin and then provide a link to help documentation (from on how to use the tool they are being assigned.


Making these best practices a regular part of your course design and development will go a long way toward ensuring that your students are able to work through course activities with more success and less stress.

Increase the value of video in your Blackboard course with Kaltura’s interactive video quizzes.

We can all think of examples of how adding video to your Blackboard course can help improve learning outcomes.  For example, including video can:

  • Make the content and the learning experience more engaging.
  • Make education more flexible and personalized.
  • Help the students and faculty be more collaborative.

We also know that connecting this multimedia content to an activity can help the students cement what they are learning by applying it in an assessment or thinking critically about it with a reflection.

The drawback comes when you want to have students keep track of key concepts demonstrated in the video but you also want to finish getting the point or points across in the video content.  You have been forced to either:

  • have the student pause the video and leave the page they are viewing to go complete an activity
  • or shorten your video content so much that the overall message gets disjointed.

If either of these drawbacks has frustrated you in the past, then do we have some news for you!  Kaltura now as the ability to add interactive video quizzes to your videos.


Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzing seamlessly embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a video.  With this tool, you can easily add your own questions through a user-friendly interface.  The questions are attached to the video and “travel” with it wherever it is embedded.

As students watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points; the video continues after each question is answered.

Kaltura even provides Video Quiz Analytics.  The analytics page provides:

  1. Average Score of quiz takers
  2. Report by Quiz Questions
  3. Report by Quiz Users


Are you interested in learning more about Video Quizzing in Kaltura?  Why not sign up for our completely online Multimedia in Blackboard Courses course which covers Kaltura, YouTube, NBC Learn, inserting images in your course and more!