SHSU Online Faculty Development Opportunities for May 2016


May 2016 can be a tightly packed time of the year, but SHSU Online has development opportunities to fit any schedule!

  1. Go fully online and earn your Effective Assessment Strategies and Practices certification.
  2. Attend one of the face-to-face how-to sessions at the MURFF or our Woodlands Campus.
  3. Sign up for one-on-one sessions.  These sessions can be 5 minutes to an hour and can take place in your office, ours, over the phone and online.  Use the same link to sign up for face-to-face or one-on-one sessions. Just select a topic or come up with one of your own and we’ll do it!

Visit the SHSU Online Faculty Development How-to Session page to sign up for the following courses:

Fully Online Sessions (see below for full session descriptions)

  • Effective Assessment Strategies & Practices (Starts May 9th)

Main Campus Sessions (see below for full session descriptions)

  • 5/12/2016 – Blackboard Collaborate – The Ultra Experience 10am MURFF 112
  • 5/17/2016 – ProctorFree Online Proctoring for Bb Exams & Quizzes – 10am MURFF 112
  • 5/18/2016 – Kaltura: Lecture & Screen Capture in Blackboard 1pm MURFF 112

Woodlands Campus Sessions (see below for full session descriptions)

  • 5/10 – Blackboard & More – By Request 5pm TWC 209
  • 5/24 – Blackboard & More – By Request 5pm TWC 209

Visit the SHSU Online Faculty Development How-to Session page to sign up

Development Session Descriptions

Effective Assessment Strategies & Practices: This three week online course takes an in-depth look at methods to increase success when it comes to evaluating students along with a look at the tools Blackboard employs to monitor, evaluate and report on student assessment. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: Hallmarks for Effective Assessment, Grade Center Basics, Best Practices for Effective Assessment, Grading Periods, Grade Columns, test Reliability and Validity and more.  Effective Assessment Strategies and Practices course attendees will receive a certification upon successful completion.

Blackboard Collaborate – The Ultra Experience: Synchronous collaboration in Blackboard just got a whole lot easier. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate – The Ultra Experience. In real-time, share audio, video, chat, files, whiteboard and software applications on your computer with your classmates and instructor.  No java plugin needed!  Collaborate Ultra runs inside your Internet browser! Session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

ProctorFree – Online Proctoring for Blackboard Exams: This one hour session covers how to use ProctorFree for your online exams & quizzes in Blackboard. ProctorFree is an on-demand, automated online proctoring service that deters cheating in an online testing environment. Using bio-metric and machine learning technologies, ProctorFree has eliminated the need for a human proctor during testing. This innovative technology creates a convenient testing option for distance education students and increases the credibility of online certificates and degrees for higher education institutions.

Kaltura – Lecture Capture in Blackboard: Adding video to our Blackboard course just became easier!  This 60-90 minute session covers how to add video to your Blackboard course using the Kaltura Mashup tool.  Attendees will learn how to record and upload video from their webcam as well as capture what is on their own computer screen (PowerPoints etc.).

Blackboard & More – By Request: This one hour session is scheduled for SHSU Blackboard instructors who can’t quite make it to Huntsville. An SHSU Online Blackboard export will be at the Woodlands Campus to help answer questions, provide solutions, demonstrations and more around Blackboard and interfacing software applications.


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