SHSU Online March 2016 Faculty Development Opportunities

March 2016 brings with it some great opportunities for you to improve the Blackboard experience for yourselves and your students.


Go Online

SHSU faculty can now sign up for the individual courses in the Teaching Online With Blackboard Certification Series. That way, if you only have the bandwidth to complete one or two courses in the cohort you can enroll in the others when we offer it again! Feel free to register for one or all of the following online offerings to work toward earning your certification:

  • Blackboard Learn: Assessment (Starts 3/14)
  • Teaching Online with Blackboard: Strategies for Success (Starts 3/28)

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page to enroll.

Meeting in Real Time Online Just Got Easier – Blackboard Collaborate: The Ultra Experiencecollaborate_laptopSynchronous collaboration in Blackboard just got a whole lot easier. Introducing Blackboard Collaborate – The Ultra Experience. In real-time, share audio, video, chat, files, whiteboard and software applications on your computer with your classmates or students.  No java plugin needed!  Collaborate Ultra runs inside your Internet browser!

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page to enroll.

Get a sneak peek by attending the Collaborate Ultra Session at the SHSU Online Teaching & Learning Conference on Friday, March 4th at 11:15 AM in the Lowman Student Center. Register today.

Speed Up Your Test/Quiz Creation With The Blackboard Quiz Generator

A one hour session that could dramatically cut down on the time you take building quizzes and tests in Blackboard. This tool was developed to help you create quizzes for Blackboard. It allows you to type up the quiz offline in a program like Word or Notepad and not have to go through the trouble of making long quizzes via the Blackboard web interface.

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page to enroll.

SHSU faculty can boost their technology know-how by attending sessions at the MURFF, online or at the Woodlands campus. If the daily grind does not allow for attending one of SHSU Online’s regularly scheduled development sessions, SHSU faculty may choose to carve out 5 minutes to an hour for a one-on-one session.

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page to enroll.

How-to By Appointment How-to By Appointment

Visit the development sign-up page. Click sign-up then By Appointment. Choose topic & availability and you’re set!

Blackboard and More By Request Graphic How-to @ The Woodlands Campus

Stop by room 209 at the Woodlands Campus for Blackboard Learn & More on Tuesday, 3/15 & 3/29 @ 5pm. Sign-Up today!

How-to By Appointment March How-to Sessions at the MURFF
This month’s sessions at the MURFF include Collaborate: The Ultra Experience, Blackboard Quiz Generator: Speeding up Test Creation and Kaltura: Lecture Capture with Blackboard. Sign-Up today!
Faculty Development Teaching Online With Blackboard Certification Series – Online Cohort
The Teaching Online with Blackboard Certification Series is the fully-online cohort based training option for faculty wishing to improve their online teaching skills. The certification consists of four courses aimed at preparing an instructor to master the online teaching environment through Blackboard.Sign-Up today!

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page for all of the great how-to options for March 2016!

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