SHSU Online October 2015 Faculty Development Opportunities

October brings with it many faculty development options. SHSU faculty can boost their technology know-how by attending sessions online or at the Woodlands campus. Blackboard instructors at Sam can bring their lunch and their questions to our “Brown Bag” session or attend one of the regular how-to sessions at the MURFF. If the daily grind does not allow for attending one of SHSU Online’s regularly scheduled development sessions, SHSU faculty may choose to carve out 5 minutes to an hour for a one-on-one session.

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page to enroll.

 How-to By Appointment How-to By Appointment

Visit the development sign-up page. Click Signup then By Appointment. Choose topic & availability and you’re set!

 Blackboard Brown Bag Blackboard Brown Bag

Bring your lunch and your Grade Center questions to our Blackboard Brown Bag on Thursday, October 15 @ Noon. Sign-Up Today!

 Blackboard and More By Request Graphic How-to @ The Woodlands Campus

Stop by room 209 at the Woodlands Campus for Blackboard Learn & More on Tuesday, October 13 and Tuesday, October 27 @ 5pm. Sign-Up Today!

Faculty Development October How-to Sessions at the MURFF
This month’s sessions at the MURFF include Blackboard Bootstrap, Kaltura: Lecture Capture with Blackboard, ProctorFree: Online Proctoring, Blackboard Learn: Using the Grade Center & Blackboard Learn: Tests Surveys & Pools. Sign-Up Today!

Visit our Faculty Development Sessions sign-up page for all of the great how-to options for October 2015!


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