July 2015 – SHSU Online How-to Sessions

SHSU Online How-toSHSU online is excited to announce the official debut of our 2nd cohort-based completely online certification option.  Strategies & Practices for Effective Assessment is a three week online certification course that will begin on July 6th. In this 3 week course, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the tools and features that help monitor and evaluate student performance. Topics include the Grade Center, the Retention Center, the Performance Dashboard, inline assignment grading, the review status feature, and the reports and statistics you can use to better track student progress. You will also pick up on strategies and practices that will help you more effectively assess your students.

Sign up today: http://distance.shsu.edu/faculty-staff/how-to-sessions/index.html

We are also offering a number of face-to-face how-to sessions for July meant to assist you for the coming year:

  • 8th, 30th – Blackboard Learn: Portfolios
  • 9th – Blackboard Learn: Achievements (Gamification)
  • 13th – Blackboard Learn: Blogs, Wikis and Journals
  • 16th, 23rd – Kaltura: Lecture Capture in Blackboard
  • 15th, 20th, 22nd – ProctorFree – Online Proctoring for Blackboard Exams and Quizzes
  • 6th, 29th – Spice Up your Blackboard Course (Finding and Adding Images)

Sign up today: http://distance.shsu.edu/faculty-staff/how-to-sessions/index.html


2 thoughts on “July 2015 – SHSU Online How-to Sessions

  1. Hi Jacob,
    I am working on dissertation, which has caused me to discontinue my Bb learn courses for a while. I have two more courses to complete. How long will have to complete them?

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