Blackboard Maintenance Preparations

In preparation for this evening’s Blackboard maintenance, the Blackboard Administration Team will be performing some tasks on our production servers. They are as follows:

Student Preview1. Set Inactive and Uninstall “Student View” Building Block

The Student Preview is part of the Blackboard core and as such does not need to be duplicated as a Building Block.  When you login to Blackboard Thursday morning the student preview button will show up in the upper right hand side of your course’s content frame.

2. Delete all “bb_demo” users from system (6765 users)

These were accounts that the old Student View Building block placed in your course(s) every time you used the Student View.

3. Delete all SHSU faculty “_std” accounts. (1217 users)

These are student accounts for faculty that we retained from our “Blackboard Classic” days prior to 2011.  These ARE NOT your instructor accounts. We used to leverage them to view our courses as students.  The Student Preview functionality takes care of this for us now, so there is no reason to have 2 things that operate the same way.


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