Kaltura Video/Screen Capture & NBC Learn Content How-to’s Added

The Instructional Technology Support Services group at SHSU Online has added 2 new step-by-step walkthroughs to the Teaching Online organization in Blackboard at SHSU.

These Blackboard tools can help increase student engagement and success:

  • NBC Learn Content
  • Kaltura Video/Lecture Capture

NBC Learn LogoNBC Learn Content – Add it to your Course!

NBC Learn contains thousands of professionally made multimedia content archived in easily searchable video collections that are updated regularly: News footage of historic and current events. Primary source documents, articles and political cartoons. Photographs, images, charts, and graphs. Critical analysis and mini-documentaries covering topics across academic disciplines.

Kaltura LogoKaltura Video/Lecture Capture

Bring video to Blackboard with this easy to use Blackboard Building Block.

Easily upload videos, images, audio files and documents, create video clips, screen casts, and video assignments. Content is secured and all existing Blackboard permissioning is applied to media files.  Kaltura will encode the video captures, media files, screen casts so that they will play on whatever device the student is viewing Blackboard.

Both of these step-by-step modules can be found in the Teaching Online with Blackboard organization under the Multimedia link in the Org’s nav menu. Once there, click Blackboard Multimedia to find them.


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