Introducing Turnitin for Ipad

SHSU Faculty can now grade Turnitin assignments submitted via Blackboard on the iPad.  iPad users can visit the App Store to download the convenient app.

Turnitin for iPad

In order to grade the Turnitin assignments submitted via your Blackboard course you will need to generate an access code that you can use to connect the Turnitin App to your Blackboard courses.

How to Generate your Turnitin Code

  1. Log into Blackboard @ SHSU
  2. Open any submitted Turnitin Assignment and access the Turnitin document viewer (the view that shows you the originality report) for the assignment.
  3. Click the iPad button to get the access code (lower left).

 Get Class Code Button

  1.  Click Generate Code

 Generate Code

  1. Copy the code or write it down.
  2. Go to the Turnitin for iPad app and tap the Access Code tab.
  3. Paste or enter your access code and tap the Add button.

Add A Class

Note:  Each class you want to add requires a unique access code.  To grade Turnitin assignments from other courses, you will need to:

  • Go through steps 1-4 above to get the access code for each class.
  • Open Turnitin for iPad
  • Tap the User Profile button (upper right)
  • Choose Add Class with Access Code
  • Enter the code and tap Add

For more information and helpful how-to’s, visit the Turnitin support page here:


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