BbWorld 2013 Session – Respondus Monitor & LockDown Browser: Protect the Integrity of Online Tests

Nick Laboda, Senior Account Manager

    Challenges with online assessments

Digital cheating
Accessing external resources
Protecting exam content
Student identity
Flexibility & convenience

    Respondus LockDown Browser

Students cannot:
Capture screen content
Go to other websites
Access other applications

Instructors apply LDB settings for exams
Integration via Bb building block

LDB is a client application, web-based installation
Installed to local computer
Windows & Mac compatible
Supports any settings in a Blackboard exam
Increases completion rates for online exams, since students cannot exit the browser without completing the exam

    Respondus Monitor

Companion product for LockDown Browser
Uses webcam & video technology to record student test session

Same integration component
LockDown Browser client is the same
LDB has to be used
Administrator manages settings from
Videos stored on Respondus’ Amazon cloud server

Enabled in-course in the same manner as LDB, both tools are managed from the same area in the course
Both can be enabled at the same time
Startup sequence is list of events that occur before the recording, such as showing ID, a photo of the student, environment check and additional instructions (exam specific instructions)
Webcam check is required to make sure the webcam is working before they begin
Video Review option from dashboard lists roster, with information about time taken, time spent, location (webcam or lab)
Shows video frame previews from random points, entire video can be reviewed and marked reviewed, or flagged, comments can be left

No recording window is up, adds an icon to LDB that indicates they are being recorded
Student can provide feedback on their experience afterwards

Users of LDB have 200 free seats annually (1 seat per student per course)
Seats can be purchased in increments of 100
Students pay option $10/use


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