BbWorld 2013 Session – Open Database and DIY Analytics

Scott Kodai, Manager, Distributed Learning Technologies
California State University, Chico

  • Chico State creates a blank course shell for every course offered
  • We need to determine how many of those course shells are used by faculty
  • We also want to know how those course shells are used

Do faculty use the course shells as a content repository or a collaborative tool?

    Database Information

Database query produces CSV spreadsheet
course_main table; 1 the course is available, 2 it is unavailable
course_users table: 1 the users in the course are available, 2 they are unavailable
available_ind Y or N
Default instructor role is P, make sure to include the code for any custom roles

    Course Contents

course_content table links to course_main table, so you can see which course it comes from
cnthndlr_handle points to particular tool (assignments, blogs, wiki, etc)

Best way to identify assignments (in case there are any courses where instructor has hidden assignments from previous semester course copy and they are unused) is to query the gradebook_main tables for courses

That table also contains due dates and availability, as well as whether the column was created by user or by the system
One gradebook_grade table created for each cell in the gradebook

In discussions, msg_main table contains msgmain_pk1 which indicates whether it is a reply, will be null if not
Journals are blogs, in the blogs table, with journal_ind field set to Y
Wiki content is stored in Xythos and not available in OpenDB, use dtmodified attribute where date modified is after the start of the semester
Announcements, use dtcreated attribute because courses may have unavailable announcements from previous semester

    Running the Query

You have to use terms to group your courses
You will need to adjust any dates, since they are hard-coded in the query

BIRT building block allows you to run queries directly on database through user interface


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