BbWorld 2013 Session – Extend + Integrate Blackboard Learn with LTI

Melissa Stange
Bb System Administrator, Shenandoah University

Chris Borales
Sr. Manager Technical Product Marketing

LTI = Learning Tools Interoperability

Basic LTI: LTI 1.0 used to be just a link to external 3rd party content
LTI: 1.1 more integrated with Bb, building blocks
LTI 2.0: coming soon, grade book access

Tool providers are publishers
Tool consumer is Blackboard

Right now, it is being done by using web links and building blocks

    LTI in the Real World

Allowing faculty to extend the capabilities of Blackboard, enhances academic freedom
Students don’t have to go to another site and create an account and bring the item back in, it’s within Blackboard
Several sites already have LTI connections on their site
Students don’t even know they are using a third-party site, it looks like they are using blackboard

    Why use LTI?

Expand learning without complicating the experience has several tools already
Configured in Building Blocks area of the Sys Admin panel
In Content Area, use Add LTI tool (can also be configured via Placement to change the name)
Or for a one-off use Add Web Link from Build Content, check “This link is a Tool Provider” checkbox

Sys Admin has option to allow faculty to add the one-off and be alerted when they add one
Step-by-step instructions:


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