BbWorld 2013 Session – Blackboard Learn’s New Global Learning Network for Social Learning

Melissa Stange, Ph.D.
Blackboard System Administrator
Shenandoah University

Terry Patterson
LMS Application Administrator
University of Missouri

Francesca Goneconti Monaco
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Blackboard Learn

Social Learning: Learners learning from each other
Learning is a 24/7 experience
What students want out of education is the experience they get outside of education

    Overview of Social Learning Tools

Global learning network within Blackboard Learn
Creates identity within the learning environment
Profiles – information about user, photo, wall, ability to follow and message other people
People – networks within Learn
Spaces – ad hoc group area for communication and collaboration on any subject. Study groups, research projects, etc.
Messages – asynchronously communicate with one or more people
Connect, communicate and collaborate across networks
Fosters informal learning to complement more formal learning experiences

    University of Missouri’s Implementation

A majority want to learn how to add social learning to their course, but most don’t know how or where to start this type of engagement.

Plan, Policy, Procedure, Implement

research opportunities
impact of current or upcoming products
find early adopters (departments, programs, etc)

Find and fill gaps in current policies
Create new policies to fill in the gaps (add policy to student handbook)
Clear policy and where information is stored with affected parties on campus

Develop procedures to apply policy changes
Who implements/manages the procedures

Spring & Summer 2013: Initial Discussions
Fall 2014: Pilot Program
Spring 2014: Full Implementation

    Shenandoah University’s Implementation

Plan, Policy, Procedures, Implement

Webinar, Cohort, BIE, ListServs
Known issue handling
Educate – Social Media vs. Social Learning
Student listening sessions showed immediate buy-in

Usage, intellectual property, harassment, social accountability & responsibility
FERPA directory information

Procedure for handling reported information, send inappropriate posts to dean of school

Town Halls & Email Alerts
Bb demos
Like at SHSU, implementation was just turning it on
Within the first 1/2 hour of social being turned on, 75 people had accessed and updated their profiled

Used community to create a tab for the social tools

LoginAs b2 will change the profile to the account that used the b2 (check OSCELOT for new version of LoginAs)
Spaces cannot be limited just to your institution
No reporting for system admins, currently just cut and paste (reporting is on the roadmap)
Non-U.S. institutions may have legal constraints

    Helpful Resources
Social Learning Tools FAQ
Communication and Adoption Toolkit
Protecting Your Reputation and Online ID

Videos on YouTube


One thought on “BbWorld 2013 Session – Blackboard Learn’s New Global Learning Network for Social Learning

  1. Great stuff! Wondering if social spaces might supplement or replace orgs we have created for Grad Students in EdAd, for example. If we could get a college to “test drive” and see what uses they could come up with for social spaces, more buy-in and easier to implement; even utilizing group discussion w/ other universities! Thanks for thought-provoking post!

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