BbWorld 2013 Session – Getting the most out of Blackboard Self-Help resources


Personalize Behind the Blackboard: update My Profile area for username, password, information about you (phone numbers: office, mobile, etc for contact in critical situations)
product preferences – system information, add any self-hosted instances
Sign up for support bulletins – security advisories

My Institution – enter URL for our help page so that when a user searches on the bb self-help page for shsu, that link will be provided

Knowledge Base – several filters for search such as version, product, service pack #
can also export to doc, PDF, print

Downloads area, extensions area to find b2s, extensions and partner b2s

Click to follow link on articles will send updates when a change is made to the article

Maintenance center provides links to downloads and documentation

Bottom of cases page – escalation procedures, phone numbers, security levels, service guides

SELF-HELP FOR USERS: all information is up to date; formerly updates would take weeks in review, now changes can be made in as little as 15 minutes. Changes are made frequently with changes in use, average 270 changes per month

Help is search based, will filter down by system, version and role to deliver relevant help articles
Uses search analytics to find what is being searched for and make it more visible, and to see what is being searched for and not found and add keywords to the appropriate topic (searches for digital drop box will return articles on assignment)

Mobile friendly

Print to PDF with option to create a book

Easy URLs are readable and easy to share, if the address changes the old URl will still point to the correct article

On Demand video tutorials –
2-3 minute video tutorials made with ScreenCast show exactly how to do something

Ask The Doctors
Discussion boards for users of all roles for communicating, asking questions and helping each other
Client listservs -email lists for role types, not administered by blackboard, communities of users

Edugarage for developers

Blackboard connections are user groups users can join to discuss trends, issues, etc using course sites

Blackboard idea exchange for feedback, focus groups, interact with bb to provide product direction and feedback


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