“Qwickly” send e-mails, post announcements and check grades for multiple classes.

QwicklyWhen you log into Blackboard you may notice a new module on your Blackboard window. We have installed a new Building Block called Qwickly (yes, it is spelled that way *grin*) that will allow you to interact with multiple classes at the same time!

What does Qwickly do?
Qwickly currently allows users with the role of instructor to:

  • Send Emails to one or more courses (all users in each course)
  • Post an Announcement to one or more courses.
  • See the number of items that need grading in all of their classes and each class individually.

Looking for a how-to?

We’ve added a new section to the Teaching Online tab in Blackboard that will walk you through it.  Starting by visiting the Teaching Online with Blackboard course and clicking the Communicating nav menu link. Scroll to the Qwickly: E-mail & Announcement Broadcast + Grading learning module and click it to learn more!

Please let us know how you like the new tool.


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