Have Alternate Methods for Students to Access Multimedia

In this week’s edition of Best Practice Monday, we examine a best practice when using multimedia in your courses.  You can find more Multimedia Best Practices via the Teaching Online Tab when you log into Blackboard @ SHSU.
Perfect World
In a Perfect World, your students would be able to access every bit of your media on any device without any problems.  We all know that that world doesn’t exist.  Students regularly have technological snafus that interrupt their ability to view your course content.  You may also have students with a disability that does not allow them to digest the media in the same way as other.  In either case it is a good idea to have an alternative format of our presentation for your students put their digital “hands” on.

Examples of Alternative Methods

  • Video/Audio Transcript
  • Original PowerPoint or PDF for download along with Flash/Tegrity/Kaltura Presentation
  • Closed Captioning
  • Media file available for download in case streaming isn’t workable for your student

By providing secondary links or access you provide a much needed detour when there is Internet construction as well as backup should the SHSU Online Technical team be unavailable.

*Should a student of yours need an accommodation due to a disability, they will work through the office for Students with Disabilities.  Your SHSU Online team will then work with you to ensure your course is equipped to work for that student.

If you need assistance in offering alternative methods for multimedia access, contact your college’s Instructional Designer or e-mail delta@shsu.edu.


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