Discover, Connect and Collaborate with Blackboard’s New Social Learning Tools

In this ever connecting world of professional, educational and personal development, building your network has never been more important than it is now.  Establishing your connections as you maneuver through your college experience will not only allow you to connect with people within your educational area, it will pre-wire connections for your professional career as well.  A well-built Professional Learning Network can go a long way to ensuring success in your post-college endeavors.

With the new social learning tools available for Blackboard Learn, you and your students can discover, connect, and collaborate with others from your school as well as other Blackboard Learn schools. Blackboard has created a global learning network to allow users to learn from each other through social, informal means – complementing the more formal classroom and online course experiences.

Check out this Quick Hit video from Blackboard on the new Tools:

SHSU Online has added how-tos and more information under the Get Connected section of the Teaching Online and Getting Started: Blackboard Student Orientation courses inside Blackboard.  Go to Get Connected>Social Learning tools to access the module and find out more!

Social Learning Tools


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