SHSU Online May & June How-To Sessions – Sign up Today!

SHSU Online How-to SessionsThe How-to Sessions for May & June 2013 have been posted. Visit the How-to Sessions page to sign up today. In the next two months and throughout the summer there will be many opportunities to learn technical how-tos as well as strategies for success in different areas.

New offerings for May and June include:

Best Practices for Multimedia in Your Online Course
As with most tools, there are many best practices that revolve around the use of Multimedia in your online course.  The practices may different depending upon the type of media you are employing.  From images to audio and video these steps can help assure that your students get the most out of their multimedia experience in your course.

Feedback Strategies for Online Courses
Engagement in online courses is key for student success, teacher evaluation and the overall course experience.  A great way to promote student engagement in your online course is to work on feedback. Students that receive regular feedback tend to perform better and as a result have good opinions of their time in the course.  There are many sound strategies for providing feedback in an online course.  This Session will cover a few key feedback strategies.

Spice up Your Blackboard Course
Learn how to make your course more visually appealing while at the same time use best practices that will help ensure your students’ success.  Learn how to customize your course and make it more attractive and usable to your students. Begin to set contextual way points in your course so that your students will always know where they are and where they are going.  This hour long session will add the “Spice” to course that you want.

Other How-to Sessions:

  • Blackboard Learn – Getting Ready for Next Semester
  • Blackboard Learn – Using the Grade Center
  • What’s New in Blackboard?
  • Blackboard Collaborate Course Webinars with your Students
  • Blackboard Collaborate Lecture Capture
  • Blackboard Learn Course Building
  • Blackboard Learn Assessment

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