Blackboard Icons – Common Content Type Legend

Do you ever wonder what a student feels like when they first visit a Blackboard course?  Are they overwhelmed?  Do they know what to do, where to go or who to ask for help?  That is why SHSU Online has put together the Getting Started: Blackboard Student Orientation course for all SHSU students. We have included it as a link in all Online courses for the Summer.  Students can also get there by clicking the Getting Started Tab at the top of the Blackboard window in their Internet browser.

One of the resources we make available in the Getting Started course is an icon legend that allows them to know what types of items are commonly used in courses and what they are.  Below, you will see the Icon Legend we have available under the Where do I go From Here? section under the Course Environment learning module.

Common Blackboard Icons with Name and Description

Content Icon Name & Description
Content Item Content Item
Embedded content (text or image) that is displayed on the page on which it is created.
Content Folder Content Folder
A folder to organize several content items. Click on Folder title to access content within.
Discussion Board Discussion Board
A link to a Discussion Board. Links can be made to the entire discussion board, which includes all the forums. Or a link can be made to a specific forum of the Discussion Board.
Assignment Icon Assignment
A link to a Bb assignment. An assignment is something that students submit on Blackboard. It gives students a submission textbox, file attachment options, and a Submit button.
Test Icon Test
A link to a deployed test (one which students have access to) in Bb.
Web Link Web Link
A link to an external website (outside of Blackboard).
Course Link Course Link
A link to something else in the course. The icon that gets displayed depends on what the courselink links to, but it will always display a small chainlink in the icon.
Learning Module Learning Module
A collection of content that can be displayed sequentially with a table of contents.
Lesson Plan Lesson Plan
A collection of information linking objectives, activities, and resources.
Group Pages Group Pages
A link to a Group page from which students can access the tools that the instructor has made available to their group.
Survey Icon Survey
A link to a deployed survey (one which students have access to) in Bb.

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