Cleaning up the Course Notifications (adding Faculty Alerts)

One of the best new features of Blackboard Learn is the Notifications module page in our Blackboard courses.   It is generally the first page students see when they enter your course and it acts like a Course Dashboard  letting your students read course Announcements, find out what new postings have been made, and find out what things they need to do and what due dates are upcoming.  There are also 2 other modules that show up by default on your Notifications module page that are really Faculty oriented.  One is the Course Alerts module and the other is the Needs Attention module.

The Course Alerts module keeps track of any Early Warning System rules you have in place, Past Due alerts for late work as well as Activity Alerts for when students haven’t logged in in a while.

The Needs Attention Module will let you know when assignments and tests are submitted, discussions have been post and when it is time to grade something.

The issue with both of these modules is that they will allow your students to see data that that really don’t need to see.  At the end of the day they won’t see students grades, but they will know when a student hasn’t logged in in a while or when an assignment has been submitted.

The answer?  Have 2 separate Module page for Notifications:

  1. Keep your normal notifications page but limit it to the following modules:
    • My Announcments
    • What’s New
    • To Do
  2. Create a hidden Faculty Alerts module page with the following modules:
    • Course Alerts
    • Needs Attention

How do I do it?

  1. Remove the Faculty-Oriented modules from the Student-facing Notifications page.While in Edit Mode, place your mouse on the upper right-hand side of the Course Alerts or Needs Attention module and click the X to remote the module. It will inform you that you are removing the module, click OK.Remove Module
  2. The next step is to create a Faculty Alerts Module page link on your Navigation menu.
    • Faculty AlertsClick the “+Add Menu item button and choose Module Page.
    • Next type Faculty Alerts
    • DO NOT click the Available to Users checkbox.
    • Click Submit.


  3. Finally, add the modules you want to your hidden Faculty Alerts module page.On the Faculty Alerts Module page, click the Add Course Module button.  Search for the Course Alerts and/or Needs Attention modules and click the Add button to place them on your page and you will be finished!

    Add Course Alerts

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