November 2012 How-to Session Schedule


Jacob will be out on Medical leave during November, but no worries!  We’ve enlisted the help of a Blackboard Certified Trainer directly from the company and Thomas Sosebee is stepping in to lend a hand.  Because of this, we’ve been able to add a few more sessions to the schedule!  Please check out the How-to Session Schedule for the additions.  We’ve even added a brand new session called:

Q&A With a Blackboard Certified Trainer
Just like the name implies these sessions will be available for you to bring your ideas, questions and quandaries and ask a Certified Trainer directly from Blackboard.

November 2012 How-to Sessions GraphicWe have posted the November 2012 How-to Session schedule.  Sign up now for a number of different sessions to get you ready for the transition of fully-online courses to Blackboard.  Session offerings include:

  • Blackboard Learn – Using the Grade Center
    The ins and outs of grading, extra credit, calculated columns, smart views, managing your gradebook and more.
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn
    Using the new Blackboard mobile app for Smart Phones and tablets to connect with your courses.
  • Blackboard Learn Advanced Course Content Options
    With the new Blackboard, comes new ways to present content to your students.  Find out about these new options by attending this session.
  • Blackboard Course Building
    Building your course has never been more convenient.  Learn about the New Blackboard environment and how to build/organize your course.
  • Blackboard Communication
    Find out about Blackboard’s new Notification system, and catch up with your old friends, the Blackboard communication tools.
  • Blackboard Assessment
    Learn how to assess your students with assignments, rubrics, tests, early warning system and the performance dashboard.
  • Blackboard Advanced Communication tools
    Blackboard has a slew of new communication tools to play with: Blogs, Wikis, Journals and Voice Tools.  Learn about how and when you might want to use them.
  • Blackboard Learn Building Tests
    Learn how the tests, test options and test questions have changed.
  • iPad Apps for Educators
    Find out how to leverage your tablet device to help you teach and organize your work.

Sign-up Today:


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