Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard – Video Walkthrough

Kaltura has partnered with Blackboard to deliver a video application that opens up a whole new set of engaging teaching possibilities – from integration of lecture capture and video materials, to video assignments, and sharing of student and faculty video content, all fully integrated within the Blackboard Learn platform.

Watch this video walk-through to find out more.

Steps for utilizing the Kaltura Media tool:

  1. In Edit Mode, navigate to the content area where you wish to upload/record your video
  2. Select Tools from the Action Bar (Action bar starts with Build Content and Assessments buttons and then Tools)
  3. Select Kaltura Media
  4. Type in Name and Description
  5. Use the Upload Media Button to upload your video or record via a webcam.
  6. Once you have successfully upload/recorded your media click Submit.

4 thoughts on “Kaltura Building Block for Blackboard – Video Walkthrough

  1. I see how to add Kaltura videos in Blackboard items, but don’t see how to upload items to kaltura to use. Where do we go for that? If it is integrated, I must be missing it… thanks!

    • Donovan,
      No problem. Go to the content area where you want to upload or record the media and on your action bar choose Tools. Then select Kaltura Media. Give your item a Name and Description, then use the upload media button to add a video or record using your webcam. Once you have uploaded or recorded you will submit and voila!

  2. Does Kaltura allow you to include screen capture in your video? Looking for a tool that will allow my students to post a video of their review of a Point Presentations covering the end of semester Term Projects. Thanks!

    • Marsha,
      Kaltura isn’t a screen capture tool. You can still use Tegrity for that. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be more than glad to help you!


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