Blackboard Learn Course Copy

Course Copy So, now you are in the new Blackboard and have noticed your Fall 2012 courses as well as your Blackboard 8 migrated content.  You might be wondering how to transfer your content from your migrated Blackboard 8 courses to your Fall 2012 course shells.  Here’s how:

Open the course from which you want to copy (that is the source or existing course containing the source content).

In the Control Panel (Navigation panel on the left side of the course page), under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.

Under section 1 choose copy course materials into an existing course.

Select Copy Type

In the Destination Course ID field, type in the course name or Browse to locate it in the Course List.

Then select the course materials that you want to copy over to the existing destination course or course shell.

Course Copy optionsNOTE:  A course copy operation cannot be completed if you do not select at least one of the following areas: Content, Staff Information or Settings.  If none of these options is selected a warning is displayed.

There is an option to Select All or Unselect All.

Do NOT copy the Tegrity link in your old course Navigation menu as it will point to the wrong location.  Your Fall 2012 course will already have a Tegrity Classes link that you can use.

Under File Attachments
Select Copy links and copies of the content (include all Course Files) under File Attachments options.

Under Enrollments do not check Include Enrollments in the Copy.


Click Submit and you are done!

Click Submit

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