Blackboard World Blog: Content Management Bootcamp

Jacob SpradlinJacob Spradlin M.Ed.
Assistant Director of Training and Development

Introductions, a fair amount of K-12 in attendance. Texas A&M in attendance and Region 4 Houston Texas so Texas is well represented!

File/Content manager resides in the course.

Repository – file storage and mgmt. for

  • users
  • courses
  • orgs
  • institution

– Share content

– Customize permissions

– Search Metadata

– Learning Object catalog

– Tracking

– Versioning

– Portfolios

– Work Flows

– Goals Alignment

We are getting not only a hands on look into how to manage and add content, but a peak into the System admin side of how content manager works.

Colleagues from other institutions can be given a pass to access course content and that pass can be a limited amount of time.  This is a great tool for collaboration.

Being able to look at different versions of the same file is another bonus.

The content manager is closely tied to user roles within the system.  All the way down to how much space a user in the system.  I cannot wait to implement this product back at campus!


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