Tegrity Maintenance – Thanksgving Holiday

Here is the bulletin from the folks at McGraw-Hill/Tegrity about their scheduled downtime during the Thanksgiving Holiday:

Scheduled Maintenance Notification

At Tegrity, delivering the very best service to our customers is paramount.  In order to maintain the highest levels of performance and reliability, we will upgrade our technology infrastructure over the Thanksgiving holiday.

For our full cloud-based customers, service may be intermittent from Thursday, November 24 through Sunday, November 27. <—- (This is Us)

For our customers storing content locally through a virtual appliance, service will be available during the times listed above, but may be affected as follows:

  • Weekly Summary and Detailed Reports may not be available
  • Enhanced podcasts may take longer to process following uploads of new recordings
  • Monitor Recordings and Monitor Recorders features may not be available
  • Alerts may not appear in the administrative dashboard

Thank you for your understanding as we strive to continue providing your institution the very best service possible.

— Tegrity Team


Avoid “Tool Overload”

Tool Overload

Do you suffer from Tool Overload?  Are there too many buttons at the top of your course to click on?  Are your students confusing the Dropbox for Doc Sharing?  Well, just get rid of the tools that you don’t use!

That’s right you can disable those tools that you are not using in your course!  How do you do that you might ask?

  • Start by clicking your Course Admin magic wand Course Admin Magic Wand.  Next click the Enable/Disable Course Tools link.
  • Then, just chose to enable or disable the appropriate tools, click Save Changes and you are done!

Congratulations, you’ve just cut down on Tool Overload!