Embedding a Tegrity Recording in your Course

Embedded Tegrity RecordingEmbedding Tegrity Recordings

Tegrity Recordings can now be displayed directly in your course without the need for using the Tegrity link and navigating to the appropriate video.  You can embed your recording in any Text/Multimedia content item within your course.

When you embed your video in your course you have the added benefits of:

  • Displaying video directly in your course
  • Less clicks to access content
  • Less confusion of which video to watch
  • Associating Videos with corresopnding content

For a complete step-by-step walkthrough on embedding Tegrity Videos, check out our newly posted how-to guide.

SHSU Online Best Practice – Assignment Practice

Jacob Spradlinby Jacob Spradlin M.Ed. –  spradlin@shsu.edu
Assistant Director of Training & Development
SHSU Online/Delta Center


Best PracticeAssignment Practice

Cutting down on last minute scrambling with technological glitches by having your students practice the activity before the real assignment or assessment is due.

One of the worst feelings as an instructor occurs when you work tirelessly to put together an assignment or assessment in your course only to have the technology fail you. You spend countless hours organizing an activity with the learning objectives in mind, ensuring the activity is perfectly aligned to the curriculum, only to find that the students can’t even access it because the technology isn’t working. Talk about frustrating!  While in some respects you will always be at the mercy of the technology gods, for example the old adage “It is not a matter of if technology will fail you, it is a matter of when.”, seems to come to mind.  However, there is a very proactive way to greatly reduce the chance of a technological failure in your course………Practice!

Oftentimes assignments, assessments and activities that deal with third-party software or technology other than the Internet browser take place at stressful times during the semester or are associated with a stressful activity (test taking).  At this point, you are taking the normal stress and anxiety levels associated with coursework and compounding them with the added fun of using a new or different technology.  Why not introduce your students to the “new tech” at the beginning of the semester or make the activity less than 25% of the course grade.  Below you will see some great examples of “practice activities” that you can use in your course.  You don’t have to limit yourself to these activities as this best practice transcends just these examples.

The Syllabus Quiz (Killing 3 birds with one stone)

This activity touches in three important areas that will affect how the student goes through the rest of your course. By completing this exercise the student will:

  • become familiar with the testing mechanism in the learning management system before they take their first major exam or quiz.
  • learn how to use-third party applications (LockDown Browser) to ensure academic honesty during the assessment without the added anxiety of a big test being due.
  • at least know the information in your syllabus that you think is most important, ensuring that they have at least looked at the syllabus once during the course.

NOTES: Be sure to make the Syllabus Quiz worth enough points so that the students will follow through on taking it. During this time the student can call the Delta Center Technical Team (877.759.2232) or e-mail them at delta@shsu.edu.

The “Introduce Yourself” Presentation

One of the ways we can bridge the gap of interactivity in online and Hybrid courses is to allow students to record presentations and upload them to the course.  SHSU Online instructors can use the Video Anywhere tool in their courses and allow students to submit their own recordings. This means that the student can present a project, assignment or some other activity while sharing video, audio and whatever is running on their desktop or laptop computer.  We all know that many students undergo stress when they have to give an oral presentation.  Take that stress and tie it to the added stress of “Can they hear me?”, “Is my webcam working?”, and “Can they see my PowerPoint?”.  Give your students a fun activity at the outset without the added pressure of a major assignment deadline and the stress diminishes considerably.

This principle applies to many other activities you may do in your course.  Having your students work early on their own Blackboard Blog or Wiki will help when it comes to completing group projects, case studies and portfolios later.  If you require your students to meet with you in real time using the Blackboard Collaborate tool in your course, it is always a good idea to have a pre-meeting meeting to iron out any difficulty they might have in getting the web conferencing tool to work.  Blackboard Collaborate is another tool where a Microphone headset is mandatory.  You never want to get stuck in that feedback loop that comes from hearing yourself in someone else’s speakers during a web conference.

If you need assistance incorporating any of these activities in your course, please don’t hesitate to contact the Delta Center by e-mail: delta@shsu.edu or phone: 877.759.2232.

Fight Plagiarism in your Online Courses with Turnitin

TurnitinTurnitin is an academic plagiarism detector, utilized by teachers and students to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity. One advantage to online learning is the convenience of easy access to information and resources online. However, accessible information also increases the risk of students copying content from credible sources and not producing work that is their own. Turnitin is an effective tool you can use to manage and ensure your students’ DropBox submissons are original and not plagiarized. Use the Originality Report feature to see what percentage of content in a student submission is not original.

Turnitin is now more deeply integrated with SHSU Online (Pearson Learning Studio).  Enabling Turnitin for any Dropbox assignment is as easy as selected a check box. Check out our new step-by-step guide that walks you through:

Remote Proctoring – Promoting Academic Honesty

Remote ProctoringOnline and face-to-face courses at SHSU have another way to guard against academic dishonesty. Tegrity’s Remote Proctoring feature provides a solution for monitoring students testing attempts online. As the student takes an exam remotely, the Tegrity Remote Proctor feature captures all screen activity, as well as video of the exam taker – without the ability to pause. Once the recording is complete, it is automatically uploaded to the appropriate course, where it is immediately accessible by the instructor for potential review at up to 8x speed.

Here are the step-by-step guides for how to use this great new tool:

If you have any questions about Remote Proctoring feel free to contact the Delta Center.

Increase Student Engangment with Student Homepages

Student HomepageIncrease Student Engagement – Use Campus Pack and Create Student Homepages:

Good news for those of you who have been clamoring for the ability to have Student Homepages in your SHSU Online courses!   With an assist from campus pack, students in your online courses can now create and edit a personal wiki site that can be shared with your course and any other courses in which your students are enrolled.  If you or your student has used a word processor then you should have no trouble putting together a person homepage wiki.

Check out thse helpful how-tos that you can share with your students under the Web 2.0 section in the SHSU Online Learning Spaces:

*Note:  You will need a Campus Pack link in your course in order to do this, so be sure to add the Campus Pack link first.

Watch Tegrity Recordings on iPad, iPad and Android Devices

We all know that our students are more connected to their portable devices than they are to their computers in most cases.  Why not offer course content that they can access via their mobile devices.  Students can now watch any of your course’s Tegrity recordings.  The Tegrity App is available via the device’s App Store.

iPhone - Android Code

Generate a code for mobile devices

Free for all Tegrity users, Tegrity Mobile allows you to watch your Tegrity recordings and search for important terms while you study, no matter where you are.